IFPEN is a state institute whose aim includes the development of technologies for innovative and more energy efficient transport systems. The work proposed here is part of a project focusing on control issues related to connected vehicles.
NeCS is a joint CNRS (GIPSA-lab)-INRIA team. The team is a bi-located at INRIA (Montbonnot) and at the GIPSA-lab (at the Grenoble campus).The team goal is to develop a new control framework for assessing problems raised by the consideration of distributed communication and sensing in applications like the traffic modeling, prediction and control, as considered in this project. The team is involved in several EU projects concerning Intelligent Transportation systems (HYCON2, MOCOOPO) and has built a real-time traffic data collection center, “Grenoble Traffic Lab” (TGL). The team has also a long past history in conducting project with car Builders such a Renault


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